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Resep Membuat Brownies Kukus Amanda & Gambar Lengkapnya

Resep Membuat Brownies Kukus Amanda & Gambar - Do you include people who are happy with a sweet snack? Maybe you should try the steamed brownies recipe is simple. This cake has a very soft texture, especially combined with the sweet taste of chocolate. Deliciousness can make you continue to enjoy it until nothing left. Brownies are one of the foods that have a lot of fans, not even a few people who make it a souvenir or present at special events such as Eid and birthdays.

The material is the first step to follow simple steamed brownies recipe. First, beat the eggs and sugar until fluffy. Then, put the flour, cocoa powder, salt and baking powder and mix well. After that, add the sweetened condensed milk chocolate and also oil, stir gently. Steps that need to be done next is to coat the pan size 12 x 24 x 4 cm with margarine and lined with baking paper.

Slowly, pour the mixture into a baking dish that has been prepared. Steaming process carried out for 20 minutes over medium heat. Once cooked, basting with butter cream cake, then top sprinkled with chopped peanuts. So simple steamed brownies recipe has been completed and is ready for cake served with hot tea, as friends chatting or gathering with family.

Simple variations Brownies Recipe
This simple steamed brownies recipes using chocolate as a feeling on. But, for those of you who want to try and be creative with new flavors, can be added to the dough steamed taro. The manufacturing process is the same, namely to keep providing the chocolate, but preferably steamed taro that will be used, previously crushed or destroyed first. So much easier when mixing all the ingredients.

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